OPB10 - 20NE Series

Order Pickers


The OPB20NE offers the highest standard in modern design, performance and safety. The OPB20NE offers a maximum drive speed of 12 km/h when the operator is riding but sets a safe limit of 2.5 km/h in optional walk-beside mode. A rising platform is incorporated into model OPB20NSP, while the equipment of model OPB10NSPF includes both rising forks and a rising platform. The OPB20NT offers versatility and performance for a competitive price.

In order picking, where the pressure is on, trucks are put to the test. And only the strongest survive. And our VELiA ES range of second-level order pickers is just that. Developed for efficient and safe picking, this 1000kg workhorse does more than protect your operators… it works harmoniously with them, too.

Mitsubishi engine-powered forklifts

Setting new standards

Developed to unlock your picking potential, two basic configurations are available – offering lift heights of 1200 mm and 1800 mm – which can be tailored to your drivers and your operations.

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