OPBH10N Series

Order Pickers


Both models in the series feature the revolutionary Visionmast with its remarkably clear views and high residual capacities. Choose the high performance 48V OPBH10NH model and you will get AC powered hydraulics as well as drive – generating the highest lift speed in the market. But both this model and the 24V OPBH10N are equipped with every possible aid to the operator. Suitable for rail guided, wire guided or non-guided applications, each comes with a choice of spec­ific­at­ions to meet particular needs – including different chassis and cabin widths, battery capacities, control layouts and rail guide heights.

In order picking, where the pressure is on, trucks are put to the test. And only the strongest survive. And our VELiA EX range of second-level order pickers is just that. Developed for efficient and safe picking, this 1000kg workhorse does more than protect your operators… it works harmoniously with them, too.

Mitsubishi engine-powered forklifts

Setting new standards

Developed to unlock your picking potential, two basic configurations are available – offering lift heights of 1200 mm and 1800 mm – which can be tailored to your drivers and your operations.

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