PREMiA EX PBS20-30N2 SERIES Pallet Truck

Ideal for internal transport, production area and cross-docking applications, the 2.0–3.0-tonne PREMiA EX power pallets are a smart, safe, and cost-effective choice. With performance and throughput at such a high level, even low-intensity operations benefit from a faster ROI compared to platform power pallets.


Pedestrian and foldable-platform power pallet trucks are often the standard choice for these tasks, but due to their design, this usually comes at the cost of a higher turning radius. The sit-on design of PREMiA EX keeps the operator completely within the truck. Not only does this ensure they are protected by the chassis and optional overhead guard, the design allows for a much more compact chassis, saving floor space with an AST of 2.5 m. This means you can make much more efficient use of valuable warehouse space.

With high travel speeds, long service intervals, easy maintenance, exceptional reliability, intuitive controls, and excellent ergonomics and driver comfort, the PREMiA EX sit-on power pallet truck is the perfect choice to boost productivity.

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