Service and Maintenance from Malcolm West

Forklift Service and Maintenance Agreements Can Be Custom Tailored to Meet the Needs of Your Business

The Top 5 Reasons to Set Up A Proper Forklift Service Programme

  • Operator and related work staff safety
  • Forklift maintenance cost reduction
  • Forklift maintenance cost control
  • Forklift maintenance cost tracking to help you make better and more proactive maintenance and forklift replacement decisions
  • Asset value protection

Although most businesses are familiar with a pay-as-you go type of forklift maintenance programme, many are not familiar with the fact that most dealerships offer a full maintenance (aka guaranteed maintenance) programme where parts, labour and travel costs are included for one low monthly payment.


Good Reasons to Consider A Full Maintenance Programme

  • All cost components can be negotiated into one low monthly payment which makes budgeting for maintenance easy and more accurate.
  • Reduced administrative workload, i.e. no forklift maintenance PO’s to issue, bills to scrutinize, cheques to issue, costs to track or filing to do.

Choosing the right forklift with the right maintenance package negotiated for the right price can be a daunting task for most business owners or managers.

Malcolm West Forklifts can assist you in making all the right choices for your business.

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