AXiA EX SBR12-20N2(I) SERIES Pallet Stacker

If you are looking to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse space, stand-in stackers may be the perfect choice for you. Combining minimal dimensions, a tight turning circle, and excellent operator protection, they offer an affordable and flexible alternative to a full VNA solution. By keeping the driver completely — and safely protected — within the truck, they can manoeuvre in much smaller aisle width.


Designing a warehouse around stand-in stackers is up to 35% more efficient from a space point of view compared to pedestrian stackers, typically lowering the cost per pallet position by a third. The compact profile also potentially allows for two-way traffic in aisles vs a reach truck, allowing for increased productivity.

And standing is the most efficient position for an operator from a working point of view, easily allowing them to frequently step on and off throughout a shift. There is ample space to work while still offering excellent all-round protection while working, and by being entirely within the truck they are better protected against collisions.

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