AXiA EX SBS16-20N2(I) SERIES Pallet Stacker

The AXiA EX sit-on stacker is a flexible and cost-effective choice for stacking and internal transport in warehousing, manufacturing, and anywhere else safe, productive stacking is required. Platform stackers are more commonly used for these tasks but with an aisle width (AST) requirement of 2.8 m (vs 2.5 m on the AXiA EX) and lift heights of only 5.4 m (vs 7 m for the AXiA EX), it’s easy to see where the sit-on stacker presents an opportunity to make much better use of space. Many companies use reach trucks for stacking tasks, but they may be over specified for the task. For these jobs the AXiA sit-on stacker makes an excellent low-cost alternative.


If greater use of space is required, its compact design also makes it a viable and affordable alternative to building a warehouse expansion or implementing a full, complex VNA solution.

Easy maintenance, high performance, long service intervals, and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reliability make for a powerful package. Add the initial lift option to double the pallet handling capability and you could see productivity soar.

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