EDiA EX 4 Wheel FB25-35A(C)N SERIES

Everything about EDiA EX inspires confidence. Our design team worked to build something that’s robust yet nimble, technologically advanced yet completely intuitive to control. EDiA gives you confidence to do the job knowing it’ll always be up to the task, every time. With four-wheel steering and impressive residual capacities you get big-truck performance that works in tight spaces. And AutoBoost means you’ll never feel like you’re lacking power.


But it’s not just about performance, it’s about safety too. From the mast to the dashboard to the counterweight, every part has been refined to maximise the driver’s all-round view of the task. No gimmicks, just great design. Smart systems work with the driver’s capabilities and the current load to adjust the response to the current situation – for example, lifting and lowering is always smooth and steady thanks to the Adaptive Lift Control system.

For years our forklifts have been the operator’s favourite. With a choice of intuitive control schemes options, different operator modes, a highly adjustable cabin, and countless other features, each operator can have the EDiA EX they want, with a setup that feels completely natural to them the second they sit in the cab. A perfectly tailored setup makes a shift more comfortable, more efficient, and more productive. It’s all about inspiring confidence.

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