EDiA XL 4 Wheel FB40-55(C)N(H) SERIES

The EDiA XL benefits from revolutionary features designed to give operators greater control than ever before. Electric differential lock provides optimum traction, and Four Wheel Steering ensures better grip and precision handling. EDiA XL is also equipped with AutoBoost for extra speed and power when you need it most.


It is well known that if an operator is comfortable they will be more productive. EDiA XL features a rubber-sealed cabin that minimises microvibrations, and the Low Noise Lift is the quietest on the market at only 63 dB. EDiA XL also includes AC and heater options, so temperatures can be adjusted to suit the operator. These features combine to create a stress-free environment where the operator can focus on the task at hand.

For optimal handling, EDiA XL has dual joysticks that offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions, as well as Adaptive Lift Control (ALC) for added stability and little chassis movement when lowering loads.

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